Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Shanmugam IAS Academy



1. Trans Pacific Partnership is initiated by ___________country? America
2. Maritime Silk Road is the pet project of ___________country? China
3. World’s longest train journey starts from ___________country? Yiwu(China) Yiwu -Madrid
4. The expansion of LEMOA is ___________Logistics Exchange Memorandum Of Agreement
 5. LEMOA is an agreement between India and the ___________ US
6. Parkinson’s disease affects ___________organ of the body. Nervous system
 7. ___________was the name of the declaration in Kumbamela happened in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh? Sinhastha Declaration
 8. Delhi declaration of friendship was made between Indian PM Narendra Modi and ___________Obama
 9. Recently launched Indian Satellite’s name was NAVIC. The expansion is ___________? Navigation with Indian Constellation
10. The name of the GPS system of Russia is ___________and The name of the GPS system of UK is ___________Glonass and Galelio respectively.
 11. The name of the GPS system of China is ___________ Beidou
12. How many countries are there in RCEP-Regional comprehensive Economic partnership? 16
 13. Stuxnet cyber attack in 2010 was a ___________attack . Worm attack
 14. Expansion of important body ITLOS is ___________ International Tribunal for law of the sea 
15. According to Paris summit developed countries will raise ___________US dollars to help developing countries to reduce carbon emission. 100 b $
16. ___________bagged prestigious Phalke award which is meant for art and literature. Manoj Kumar
17. Women’s bill in parliament aims to ___________To reserve for women one third of seats in parliament and legislature
18. Nansha islands is also knows as ___________Spartley Islands
19. BTIA – Broad based Trade and investment agreement is between India and ___________UK
 20. Zika virus outbreak in Brazil was in news. It causes ___________disease? Microcephaly
 21. In ___________state Narmada canal is located. Gujarat
 22. ___________is the Indian trade port nearest to Nepal. Haldia Port
23. Nepal made an agreement with China to import from China’s ___________port. Tianjin
 24. ___________Iran port is being built by India for trade Chabahar
 25. ___________aims to provide five crore subsidized LPG Ujwala Yojana

26. ICANN is currently in news. Expansion is ___________Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers
27. ___________aims to revive energy distribution companies. UDAY (Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana)
28. The country ___________will clean Indian rivers as it cleaned its Rhine river. Germany
 29. ___________breaking system will be mandatory for two wheelers from 2019Combined Braking System
 30. In Defense procurement policy India pushes its aim of IDDM. Expansion? ___________Indigenously Designed developed and manufactured
 31. China Builds ___________port of Sreelanka. Hambantota
 32. China builds ___________port of Pakistan. Gwadar
33. CII- Confederation of Indian industries president is ___________Noushad Forbs
34. Ravi and Beas river is in news. It is in ___________state? Punjab
35. The permanent court of Arbitration is in ___________Hague
36. ___________project is a flagship project to clean Ganga river by 2020 and Govt allocated Rs. 30000 crore for the same. Namami Ganga
37. India signed agreement with ___________for water purification and filtration. Israel
 38. The Head of the United Nation development program is ___________Helen Clark
 39. ___________will represent India in United Nations Organization. Sayid Akrabuddeen
40. IPBES – Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and ecosystem services endorsed by 124 countries has secretariat in ___________country. Germany
41. SAGE is ___________’s strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunisation. WHO
42. Stand Up India was introduced in ___________state. Uttar Pradesh, Noida
 43. India’s universal immunization program cover ___________life threatening diseases. 13
 44. India’s new born action plan was launched in ___________year 2014
 45. What is PRAGATI ___________Proactive Governance and timely Implementation
 46. Global initiative to combat nuclear terrorism( GICNT) grouping has ___________ countries. 86
 47. In India small pox was eliminated in ___________year 1975
 48. India eradicated ___________disease in august 2015 and Polio was eradicated in ___________year in India. Neonatal Tetanus. 2014
 49. Expansion of FRBM is ___________Fiscal Responsibility and Budget management

50. ___________is meant to function as a metadata intelligence grid by networking multiple data available with various agencies. NATGRID

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