Saturday, February 02, 2013


First British Governor -  General of the new Dominion of India: Lord Mountbatten

First and the Last Indian  Governor - General of Free India: C. Rajagopalachari

Last Governor-General of  India who also became the first Viceroyof India: Lord Canning

Last Viceroy of India : Lord Mountbatten

First British Governor-General in India : Warren Hastings

First Commander-in-Chief  of free India: General Cariappa

Tenth and the last Guru  of the Sikhs: Guru Gobind Singh

First Chinese pilgrim to visit India : Fa-Hein

First European to  visit China: Marco Polo

First European invader on Indian soil: Alexander the Great

First U.S.A. President to visit India : D. Eisenhover

First Russian Prime Minister to visit India : V.I.Bulganin

First British Prime Minister to visit India : Harold Macmillan

First President of the USA : George Washington

First President of the Chinese Republic: Sun Yat-Sen (1912)

First Prime Minister of Great Britain: Robert Walpole

First WomenPrime Minister (twice) (Sri Lanka) of a Country in the World : Mrs. S. Bandaranaike

First India’s Spaceman : Sqn. Ldr. Rakesh Sharma

First Indian to scale Mount Everest: Phu Dorjee

First President of Indian Republic: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

First Woman Prime Minister of India: Mrs. Indira Gandhi

First Indian to win Nobel Prize: Dr. Rabindranath Tagore

First President of Indian National Congress: W.C.Bonerjee

First person to conquer Mount Everest: Serpa Tenzing and Hillary

First man who climbed Mount Everest (twice): Nawang Gombu

First woman who climbed Mount Everest: Mrs. Junko Tabei, Japan

First Indian to swim across the English Channel : (Men) Mihir Sen,(Women) Mrs.Arati Gupta (Prodigy) Kutraleeswaran, Chennai.

First woman to sail non-stop around the world, alone: Kay Cottee

First Woman to reach the North Pole : Ann Bancroff

First Indian woman to scale Mount Everest : Bachendri Pal

First person to reach the  South Pole: Amundsen

First woman to walk in space : Svetlana Savitskaya space(Russia)

First person in the world to land on the moon; Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr of USA

First woman cosmanaut of world ; Valentina Tereskhova, the Russian

First country to launch a cosmic space rocket towards moon : Russia

First Chief Justice of a High Court : Justice H.L.Kania (Men), Ms. Leila Seth (Women)

First Judge of a High Court  : Justice Syed Mehmood (Men), Anna Chandi

First Judge of  Supreme Court: Camelia Sorabji

First Magistrate : Mrs. Omana Kunjamma

First Indian to become  President of International Court of Justice: Dr. Nagendra Singh

First Bar-at-Law : J.M.Tagore

First Woman  Foreign Secretary: Chokila Iyer

First Women Grandmaster (India)  : Ms. Vijayalakshmi Subburaman

First Indian Woman to  win an Olympic Medal: Karnam Malleswari

First Asian to claim  Chess' World Title: Viswanathan Anand

First Indian Woman  Air-Commodre: Ms.P.Bandhobathyai

First Indian girl to win the British Junior Squash title : Joshna Chinappa (17 yrs)

First Indian Muslim Woman Mayor : Aneesha Mirza (Ahmedabad)

First Test Tube Baby : Louise Joy Brown

First Place where atom bomb was dropped: Hiroshima

First man to reach North Pole: Robert Peary

First man to climb Mount Everest: Sherpa Sungau (Nepal)

First man to walk in space : Alexi Leonov (USSR)

First Governor General of Pakistan: Mohammed Ali Jinnah

First oldest man to scale Mount Everest: Mario Curris

First Commander-in-Chief of Free India : General Roy Bucher

First Emperor of Moghul Dynasty : Babar

First Field Marshal of India: S.H.F.J.Manekshaw

First Indian ICS Officer : Satyendra nath Tagore

First Indian Member of Viceroy's Executive Council: Sir S.P. Sinha

First man to climb Mount Everest without Oxygen: Phu Dorjee

First Tolkie Film : Alam Ara (1931)

First Test Tube Baby (Documented) : Indira

First Woman Minister of Indian Union : Rajkumar Amrit Kaur

First Woman Chief Minister of State : Sucheta Kriplani

First Woman Governor : Sarojini Naidu

First Woman President of  Indian National Congress: Dr. Annie Besant

First Woman Speaker of a State Assembly : Shanno Devi

First Prime Minister of  India: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

First Muslim President of  Indian Union: Dr. Zakir Hussain

First Speaker of  Lok Sabha: G.V. Mavlankar

First Woman Judge in Supreme Court: Fathima Beevi

First Woman Chief Justice of a High Court: Leela Seth

First Indian Woman to go in space: Kalpana Chawla

First Indian Woman Merchant Navy Officer: Sonali Banerjee

First Dalit Speaker of the Lok Sabha: G.M.C. Balayoki

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